Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Block Party 2010

A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of getting to meet several new neighbors through a block party! I remember having these on our street growing up ~ but I have yet to attend one since I have reached adulthood. I have definitely been missing out!

We are quite serious with block parties in Pittsburgh. We got a permit from the city, moved all of our cars and shut our street down for the entire day! It actually turned out great for all the kids who got to play in the street without a care in the world.

We even have a band that lives on our they provided the entertainment! Kind of funny...some words had to be modified for this crowd. :)

Here is our favorite neighbor, Mr. A. He was having a ball in the street!

This is Meaghan - my roomie from downstairs. Some girls who live together down the street offered to do crafts for all the kids. So here is Meaghan with her son's visor.

I LOVE this picture. Such sweet ones that live on our street. They were cracking us up the whole evening. In an effort to avoid names on the web, the second from the left was hilarious. She told Dave she wanted his tennis shoes. Her parents and I could barely contain ourselves as Dave shoes are gross boy shoes! She told us she would come to our house and yell, 'Dave! Give me those shoes!' when she was ready.

Cute, young moms on the block...

It was such a fun time and I now realize that I pay more attention to the other houses on our street as I come and go. There is definitely a special peace in knowing those who live around you, especially in a new neighborhood.

Now, I must give all the credit to Meaghan who organized this fantastic evening! You did great and I am already looking forward to our next Block Party!


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Lindsey said...

your street looks absolutely gorgeous!!! so warm! warm people too it looks like! that precious lil girl talking about dave's shoes is tremendous!!!!!