Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 Year and Counting...

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we decided to take a little vacay to Scottsdale, Arizona. We were so excited about a trip together and to a place with some serious sunshine! We woke up super early on Thursday morning for our 7 am flight. It turned out great because we arrived in Phoenix at 9 am with the time change. However, to us, it felt like noon and we were getting so hungry! We decided we must visit In-N-Out while on this trip - so we headed there from the aiport. We pulled into the parking lot at 9:50 to learn they didn't open until we waited....

and it was totally worth it! In fact, we were number 6 by the time we got in and ordered at 10:20! Such yummy food - we even hit it on our way back to the airport on Monday. =)

After our trip to eat, we went to our hotel. This is the same hotel Mom and I stayed in last summer. We love the way it is set in the mountain and has such pretty landscaping for the desert!

We immediately went to the pool. It has been in the 60s and 70s in Pittsburgh lately, so we welcomed an overdose of dry heat!

and of course, Dave had to hit up the slide!

We had lots of yummy, long dinners together which was such a treat! It was fun to be away from work and just really hang out together, talk about our goals, ideas on life, etc. Here we are at the Roaring Fork - owned by same people as Eddie V's. So that was really fun - had a southwestern chili mac 'n cheese. Delicious!

We also got to spend an evening with Luke, Brett's best friend, and his gf Stephanie. We had not met her yet - so that was fun to get to learn all about her and catch up on Luke. We had a really good time with them and hope we get to hang out again soon! I think this restaurant was Chelsea's Kitchen. We had a great table outside, which turned out to be very hot! But we get so little of that up in PA, we were loving it anyway.

More outside eating and I have officially decided that everyone should always drink orange juice from wine glasses. I don't think it tastes any better - but certainly is more fun!

Fun, fun trip! Definitely a place we would love to go back too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

life is good...

This weekend has been really good! We were finally here for a little bit without any obligations. We were really excited for Tech and KU football - nice wins all around I might add. Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting some friends of ours from Fort Worth for dinner. John, Sara and Avery are moving to Pittsburgh. We are really happy about that and enjoyed a fun dinner at Cheesecake Factory discussing all that Pittsburgh is. They are moving up in the next couple of months and I am anxiously awaiting their permanent arrival!

So Dave and I had an extra skip in our step after all things good this weekend. We decided to attend early church this morning and on our way to the car, we discovered this:

Boo! Our parking garage has had many of these incidents lately, but we thought we were safe considering our cars are closest to the elevators and doors (thinking they got the most traffic). Apparently not! Thankfully, nothing was taken - really just a huge pain more than anything.

I felt so bad for Dave! He already had a little headache this morning and this certainly didn't help matters there. But then I was quickly reminded why I married him - his positive outlook on life, even in the not so fun times. His ability to find the humor in anything makes life much more fun! So what did he do? Cleaned out the car, grabbed a garbage bag and asked if I could make letters out of duct tape. Um, sure...

Now this is definitely laced with a slight hint of sarcasm - but it cracked us up and allowed us to go back inside not letting this little hiccup ruin our day.

Yes, life is good...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wine + Cake - yum!

Like I mentioned in our last post...on our anniversary we had some delicious treats! Mom was so sweet to overnight/over dry ice the top of our wedding cake. Mom and I were nervous as to whether it would actually make it in an edible format. Dave and I were nervous to actually try it!

It was really special when we got married that our sweet friends, Scott and Kristi, gave us two bottles of wine. We were to open one on our 1 year and one on our 5 year. I thought it was such a neat idea and something we were really looking forward to this year. It was quite delicious too!

Dave serving us up some slices! Turns out - it was delicious!! We did a chambord flavor and maybe it had time to really soak in, but it really good. So good, we decided to have another slice for the next 2 days!

Happy Anniversary Dave!