Sunday, October 24, 2010

DC with the Roommates

I am trying out this blogpress application to see if I can be a little better about blogging. By that, I mean at least staying within 1 month of the events blogged about. :)

As usual, I will do a little catch up...starting with our trip in June to DC. Our neighbors, Mark and Meaghan, who live downstairs (whom we affectionately refer to as our roommates) and us took off on a little road trip to our nation's capital. They both worked in the Bush White House and so Dave and I were pumped about a visit from their perspective.

Here we are in front of the White House

Meaghan, Dana (Mark's sister) and Mark. Dana's husband, Tom, works for Nancy Pelosi. Tom and Dana were so kind to give us a tour of the Capital.

Here is Tom and Dave - Tom was attending a World Cup party later that afternoon and was supporting Team USA all day.

So pretty!

Solway Friends minus their munchkin. This was taken on the Speaker's Balcony at the Capital. Such a fun view of the city!

So since I don't know how to work this app very well, my pictures are a little out of order. On our way to DC, we stopped to pick up Mark at their chocolate factory. Mark's family has owned this chocolate business for 4 generations. It is delicious! They specialize in chocolates and milkshakes (my favorite). I had never been to a chocolate factory before then, but it was just as awesome as I had imagined!

I literally wanted to get in this!

We obeyed all health department protocol.

It was such a fun trip! DC is such a cool city and it was such a treat to go with these veterans.

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impressed with your blogpress skills :) looks like a fun trip to DC! im jealous of the chocolate factory! - meg

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