Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prep work...

Okay, so I don't really know if you can get settled before you move somewhere...but I am giving it a try! I think girls (particularly) do much better in new situations when they know where they will live, where the best grocery store is located, how far they are from friends and family and of course, what shopping is available.

So I have been working on that...

I thought it was funny that my mom and my mother-in-law have both told me about specific stores they know I love. My mom told me about the Anthropologie and my Janie emailed me about the DSWs (3!) in Pittsburgh. So sweet and really encouraging! I hope that doesn't come across materialistic...its just that those places make it feel not quite so foreign.

Here are some updates on what we have found:

Living - Dave went to the Flats at Southside Works to visit with the property manager yesteday. This is an apartment complex we like. There is commercial shopping on the first floor - i.e. H&M, BCBG, Puma, Z Galleries and a Carribou Coffee. The following are some pictures Dave took of the floor plan we like.

Grocery Stores - We found that they have a Whole Foods not far from the apartment. So that is exciting...I will probably use the Giant Eagle mostly as I have heard it is the best 'all-inclusive grocery store. (it drives me CRAZY you can't get cokes at Whole Foods/Central Market). Apparently, they even have a super store that is like Market Street in Lubbock (all yummy prepared things/great produce/flowers like Central Market with the not so good for you chips, cokes and cookie sections) - LOVE THAT!

Distance from Family and Friends - We would be just a short 25 minute drive from the airport! Or 20 hours to FW, 25 hours to Lubbock and only 16 to Wichita!

Here is a map of Pittsburgh...

A - our Apartment (hopefully!)

B - the closest DSW Janie found

C - the Airport!

D - the Cheesecake Factory (our parent's favorite!)

E - our Office

F - Anthropologie (thank you mom!)

G - Whole Foods

View Larger Map

It is about 5 miles from A to B. So everything is fairly close and accessible! I was shocked to learn the city has a population of only 300,000! If you know anything about Pittsburgh, please pass it along! Of course, it will be adventurous figuring it out as we go...but any heads up beforehand would be much appreciated!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pittsburgh, here we come...

Well I have some news! David and I formally accepted an offer this week with our company to take temporary positions up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have two unique opportunities there and we are thankful they have asked us to each head up one (David will be HBP (Held by Production) Acquisitions and I will be Municipal Acquisitions). David will be leasing/negotiating the deep rights in 3-5 counties. In other words, there are several smaller operators up there who have drilled short wells. Dale would like to negotiate a deal with them to get the deeper minerals by offering royalties, helping with their production costs, etc. It will be a great opportunity and interesting for Dave to learn about Joint Ventures, Farmouts and Joint Operating Agreements as a result. I will be working directly with Chesapeake to help put together bids to lease the municipality and state owned lands. I am excited about that because I have done some of that here and look forward to doing more of it in a different play.

We are definitely saddened by the fact that this requires us to move to Pittsburgh temporarily. We love our family and friends and honestly, are brought to tears by the thought of leaving you all or perhaps becoming further away than we already are (Dave can attest to is often). We envision this project lasting 2-3 we look forward to being back in Fort Worth before too long! We will also be frequent visitors for the many celebrations this year!

We will probably start traveling back and forth in the next two-three weeks. I envision we will be up there permanently by mid February. While it is difficult, we really look forward to a few years pre-children of just Dave and I on this adventure. We pray that it will strengthen our marriage and be a time we always look back on with fond memories.

We would love to have visitors up ANYTIME! For those of you who enjoy snow, maybe sooner than later! Those after my own heart, will probably want to want until summer. ;-) We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we go through this transition & hope to talk and see you all soon!

Christmas with Addison

we were very lucky to get an addison visit in right after christmas! she is getting SO big and we just love her sweet smile. she is talking up a storm...DOGGIE! ball. car. dadda. DOC! Mia. please. love her!
love snuggling with her when she crashes in my arms.
the next morning, we celebrated christmas again. she got lots of doggies and loved showing uncle dave.

mom got her some wellies...i thought they were SO cute! she loved them!

she CRACKS up with her daddy. it is so sweet to watch.

hanging out with aunt marianne.

her fave is Doc! they both adore each other and LOVE dogs!
cracking herself up.
she is so funny. loves hugging mom like a koala bear. she thinks mom's hair is hilarious because there is so much of it.
i love you sweet niece!


Well this was a special first Christmas for us! We started off Christmas Eve with just each other. We thought it would be fun to exchange gifts, drink champagne and enjoy our first Christmas together in our home. It was really fun!
Then we headed to my Aunt Carol's where we had dinner with my family. It was really fun! We had dinner, went to Church and then played Scene It! It was hilarious and the kids won, again. ;-)

Then we spent the night at Mom's and celebrated Christmas morning there. Marianne and I have never had matching Christmas pajamas until this year ;-) It was actually funny and they were really comfy! We had a great morning filled with lots of laughs!

My brother Mike, made this awesome book that chronicled my stepdad, Terry's football career at TCU. It was so cool! Old newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, etc.

Here is Me, Terry and Marianne.

Dave and Me

Then, we reconvened for a delicious dinner with Tom and Bernadine. After dinner, we all went to see Marley & Me. It was a GREAT movie and the perfect way to wind down the holiday festivities.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season!