Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Relief - Bora Bora

This past year, Dave and I have gotten to take some really special trips for just the two of us. We have long talked about how important it was for us to get to travel before we start a family and we were so fortunate this year to have been able to do so. Some trips were planned to see friends get married, some were planned to sightsee somewhere new and some were a total surprise.

Our year started with a surprise trip through work. For those of you that were around us last Fall and Winter, you know Dave and I were inundated with more work than either of us had ever experienced. We spent multiple nights at work trying to keep up and meet deadlines. It was not a pretty sight. Around January when it started to slow down, our board gave Dave and I and another guy who works with us trips to Bora Bora. We were in shock and could not believe how generous our company was. In fact, as I type this, I am still overwhelmed with appreciation towards them. So literally, 3 weeks later, we boarded a plane to Papeete, Tahiti where we would spend 1 night and then on to spend the rest of the week in Bora Bora. Our other friend from work went a month later.

After a brief layover in LAX, we boarded an 8 hour flight headed south!

This is where we spent the day in Tahiti. We stayed by the water for the majority of the time...trying to ease into the sun as we were SO pale from the winter in Pittsburgh.

We took a small puddle jumper over to Bora Bora later that day. The airport was so neat because the only way to get picked up is by boat.

I love this guy!

Here are the pretty grounds of our hotel. However, I must admit, we never went to the pool! The water under our bungalow was about 3-4 feet deep. So we just swam out there the whole time. I have never seen anything so clear and beautiful!

Here is Dave out off the deck of our room. You can see where it drops off way out there!

Our little bungalow!

There were awesome colorful fish and coral nurseries.


So brief story...Bloody Mary's is apparently a very famous restaurant on the main island. So we stopped by for a bloody mary (a favorite of ours!). But we were quickly reminded that it was in fact an island town when this little guy jumped in my seat with me and no one seemed to care...

YUCK! This guy had crazy red eyes and scabs - gross!

We did try a few more adventurous activities...

The highlight of the trip for Dave was getting to see a shark around our bungalow the first night - YIKES! We looked for him the rest of the trip and never saw him...then on the last night, a stingray floated on up. Can you see the excitement here?

We did not want to leave at all. It was so cute, the last morning, they brought us breakfast by boat. It was delicious! Lots of yummy fruits.

Time to head home...with a little more sun. :) Thank you very, very much LD!


Lizzie said...

Glad you're blogging again! Looks like a wonderful trip :)

Eric and Lar Holquin said...

wow kristen that is AMAZING!!! what a blessing!! all of those pics look like a scene out of the movie 'couples retreat'!!! awesome!!! love it!!!

The Allen's said...

Welcome back!!! can't wait to see what all ya'll have been up to!!!