Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Jam Kickoff Party

Now that the weather has finally started to warm up, we are trying to get as much 'outdoor time' as possible. It has been SO fun! We started having people over on the occasional Friday for a backyard cookout with our neighbors from downstairs. Mark and Meaghan have been the BEST landlords/neighbors! It has been so fun because they joined our small group and now we all hang out.

The first Friday, we were responsible for drinks - Dave made margaritas from a delicious recipe (courtesy of Kathy Allen - thank you!). I made/poured Sangria into a pitcher and added fruit. :) Mark and Meaghan did fish tacos and they were delicious!

This is Mark and Meaghan's little guy - I will call him 'A' as I am not sure how his parents feel about posting his name online. 'A' is precious! He waves hello and goodbye everytime Dave and I come and go. He just turned one and I saw him take a few steps this afternoon, which is super exciting! He has the best hair of any kid I know. :)

Mark and Dave

Kyndal and 'K'. 'K' loves the funny faces that Dave always makes at him. We would all agree they are on the same level. :)

Dave and Sky

Jen and Mary

Me and Elizabeth

Amy, Meaghan and Lisa

The guys definitely figured out how to enjoy a hockey game outdoors. Mark and Meaghan set up their tv in their bedroom window. They LOVED it!

We are so sad that Jay and Sarah have moved to Tennessee! This was their first and last cookout, but it was such a treat to have them before they left.

Me and Meaghan

It was so much fun! We have done a few more and can't wait until our next party.

Matt & Marissa Get Married!

So I am updating the last couple of months because I have been horrible at maintaining the blog! A fairly good indication that we have been busy with really wonderful, happy celebrations!

So back in April - April 10th to be exact - we celebrated Matt and Marissa's wedding down in Austin, Texas. It was a blast - first and foremost, because these two are the perfect match! I have never seen a couple that has so much love and fun all the time. The festivities were beautiful and fun! Selfishly, I loved that I got to hang out with the bride and groom as they live in Austin - so crossing paths in FW is tough. I also got to hang out with friends and family! Even Addi, Chad and Brett showed up for part of the weekend.

Us with the Bensons at the Rehearsal Dinner. I miss these people so much!

Dave, Kristen, Brooke, Grant and Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Me and the Bride! I was very careful to keep the wine away from her dress. Those of you that know me well know this has been a problem of mine in the past!

It was so fun to have Marianne and Mom and Terry there as well!

These are some of my best friends from home. I love and miss them dearly. I cherish these weekends more than they will ever know. From the left: Whitney, Lindsay (and Nash), Me, Brooke, Kristen, Kathleen and Brooke.

The happy Bride and Groom! Congratulations you two! It was such a special weekend!