Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom's Weekend

Our moms!

Our sweet moms, Janie (Dave's mom) and Paula (my mom) came to visit us last weekend. It was our first round of visitors and we had an absolute blast! I must say, our moms are the best! They are so fun because they want to know all about Pittsburgh now that we are here. They also love hanging out with each other, something Dave and I consider a huge blessing! We are thankful to have sweet friends up here who had filled us in on the best places to take out-of towners. It all worked out great and we got to try some new things too!

Our moms arrived Thursday evening ~ we were excited to take them to the Cheesecake Factory (a Buchanan/Drennan favorite). We had to make it quick because Dave had a soccer game that night. We had fun watching him and the rest of the Dale team play indoor soccer. It was a great way for our mom's to meet lots of our co-workers. ;-)

Friday, they were on their own and I must say, they did a fantastic job of getting around! Pittsburgh is a tough city to drive in because it is very difficult to turn around if you miss an exit/turn. They picked us up for lunch and we found a spot showing the KU game - go Jayhawks! They won!!

Later in the afternoon, we hit up the outlet malls by our office. They were great and kind of started the shopping trend for the weekend. Sweet Dave was wonderful - so supportive, but the shopping didn't really stop until Saturday night. We hit up Shadyside and Southside - it was SO much fun!!

Saturday night was a big treat! I don't know if you remember us talking about the Inclines in Pittsburgh, but we tried it for the first time. The Inclines take you from the top of Mount Washington to our street (down several blocks) or vice versa. There are several cool restaurants on top of the mountain. So we took the Incline up and walked to our restaurant, Monterey Bay ( It was delicious seafood!! The crab cakes rivaled Trulucks, one of my very favorites.

Here is us on the Duquesne Incline...It was built in 1877! Its a cute little trolley and you can see all of downtown Pittsburgh as you go up. Really neat!

The outside...

Janie and Dave

Dave and Me

The view!!

Mom and me

Here is us at the top before we walked to the restaurant. It was so fun and really a neat opportunity to take advantage of something special about our new home.

Our moms are the greatest! They were so fun to have up and treated us a million times over. Thank you both so much for coming and we hope it isn't long before you come back!! Much love, Kristen and Dave

Monday, March 23, 2009

hello world...

So the other huge perk for going back to Fort Worth was meeting Rowan Lucille for the first time! I loved getting to cuddle with her!
Her hair is precious!!

Me, Rowan and her mommy...which is still amazing to me that my college roommate/bff has a baby!

I just love her!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I like this...

I am only as strong as the coffee I drink, the hair spray I use and the friends I have.

(This was in an email I received from my stepmom today and it made me smile).

Miller-Atnipp Fabulous Wedding Weekend: Wedding Day!

The celebrations continued into Saturday...

The wedding was at Kristen's parents house in Aledo. It looked fantastic! It is the only green grass I have seen in months and the decorations were warm and beautiful! They got married mullett-style as Kristen said...ceremony in the front of the house and reception in the back. I loved these huge floral arrangements. They got married in between them on the porch - so pretty!!

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Atnipp!

The food was delicious! It was catered by Reata - yum! Then, the best idea ever - they had a fire pit with all the s'mores utensils. It was great for the kids (and adults too)! It took all the restraint in the world for me to keep from eating this cake all day long before the ceremony!

I loved their first dance - looked so sweet! Just a moment that was theirs for the evening.

Me and my husband who hates a serious picture - and I love him for that. ;-)

His favorite girls

I had so much fun hanging out with Gretchen and her precious son all weekend! This is Bunny (Gretchen's mom), Hudson, me and Gretchen.

Bridesmaids in the pretty wraps Kristen got us. They had initials monogrammed in gold - so thoughtful!

Love this couple...


This is the picture where I think me, Brooke and Whitney are all saying, "what?!" (seriously, what on earth are we doing?)

They are SO cute!! Love that smile.

Us with the McWhirters!

Our moms...looked so pretty!

Me and Kristen

Girls with the bride - having a blast!!

Nena and Kristen - they both looked stunning!

Okay, rewind back to that morning. Sheri, Gwen and Mom threw Kristen her bridesmaids luncheon. It was the best. We just went casual, had breakfast, napped, read up on some 'literature' thanks to LGB and joked around... a lot.

Lindsey, me and Brooke

Me and my best friend staring at my other best friend's little girl...

There she is...Miss Rowan.

Miller-Atnipp Fabulous Wedding Weekend: Rehearsal Dinner

Congratulations Kristen and Stuart! We had a blast during your wedding weekend! You both looked beautiful! The festivities were so fun and memorable! We hope you all had a wonderful honeymoon and we can't wait to see you back in Fort Worth!

Kristen and Stuart were married on March 7th. They planned a great weekend, beginning with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before at the Fort Worth Zoo. It was so neat as the food was delicious, toasts were sweet, funny and heartfelt and of course, the animals they brought out for display! We had lots of laughs and a few tears. =)

Here is Terry, Mom, me and Dave

Dave trying to feed the crocodile/alligator a beer

Lindsey, Sheri, me and Mom - look, mom and I are making the same face and so is Lindsey and Sheri.

Sweet Brooke with the now-Newlyweds!

Whitney, Lindsey, Brooke and me

Me and Brooke

Oh my...
We had a great time sitting with the Bensons!

Lindsey, Marissa, Kristen, Kathy, Brooke and Whitney at VIPs...where the celebrating continued well into the night!