Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hiking with the Grossmans

When we first moved to Pittsburgh, I transferred my Junior League membership to maintain my active status. I had fully intended to take a leave of absence for a year until we got settled. Somehow, I was talked into attending a meeting 2 weeks after moving. I am SO glad I went! I had the opportunity to meet some people the very first night ~ Bianca, Janet & Jen H ~ also transfers. Within a couple of weeks, I received an email from Jen Grossman. She was the transfer advisor at the time and literally, she and her husband took Dave and I under their wings. Since then, Keri & Stephen have moved up from Atlanta and jumped in the mix with all of these fun friends. They have been so sweet, inviting us to dinner, birthday celebrations, we cheered the Penguins on in the Stanley Cup together ~ a much appreciated act of kindness for 2 newbies to Pittsburgh.

Jen G. has now taken on the Special Events coordinator position. A few weeks ago, she planned a hiking + wine afternoon. Great idea! Most of you know, it would take wine to get me hiking. ;-) She planned it at the perfect time because the trees were really starting to change. It was gorgeous ~ about a 3 mile hike (perfect, not too long). Here is some of what we saw.

Dave was laughing at this picture ~ no we didn't hike on the road the whole time. I just thought the trees were pretty at this point.
A little more accurate photo of the actual hiking.
The BEST part of our trip was the pet cemetery we stumbled upon. Now, we had a guide and there were other non-JL people on the hike, so we were trying to be on our best behavior...but this was too much! Anna Solerto literally had 10-15 headstones, all with different haikus (?!). We were cracking up!!
Here is Dave, Jon & Jen. Great day! Thanks Jen for planning a fun outing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A little shot on my camera driving to work....thought the trees were so pretty!