Tuesday, September 30, 2008

back to blogging ;-)

I am so excited to go home and blog tonight about some big things that have been happening lately!

For starters, we got married!! We had a wonderful supportive group of friends and family and could not have asked for a better time. We still feel extremely blessed!

I moved into Dave's home - now OUR home ;-) He keeps having to remind me. I have confirmed my initial suspicion that I am in fact, a pack rat. I keep everything! Dave is patiently trying to work with me on this. He was also quite wonderful when I cried moving out of my apt...not because I didn't want to move...but it was just kind of special place - where our relationship began (first date) and evolved (got ready there on my wedding day).

Addison, my niece, had her first birthday on September 20! I cannot believe she is already 1! We found out she prefers Baby Graduates yogurt drops to birthday cake, loves a good plastic kitchen to play with and literally cracks herself up all the time.

We went to Wichita for the first time since we are married. This was SO fun and special for us to spend time with Dave's family debriefing the wedding festivities and hearing all about Jerry and Julie's baby boy who is on the way (names, bedding, etc.).

Marianne, my sister, started a new job! She is working for Baylor in Rockwall as a speech pathologist. She has business cards, a work email and most important - several letters behind her name ;-)

Her boyfriend, Norm, passed the finance section of the CPA exam - we found out yesterday! This is so impressive as most people don't pass it on the first time and he did it with flying colors. We are SO proud!

Finally, we have been married 1 month today! I know that doesn't seem long to many of you - but it has been the best month of my life! I have the best husband who supports me in everything I do - whether it makes sense or not. I love just being with him and I couldn't be happier! I love you Dave!

Alright - I hope to add pictures to these brief topics tonight!! Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!