Monday, March 31, 2008

first timer...

Well after reading many fun blogs from friends, family and future family, I thought it would be neat to start documenting an exciting time in our lives.

I have heard the merging of households between men and women is always fun, and at times, entertaining. Think When Harry Met Sally - "this stupid, wagon wheel, Roy Rogers, garage sale coffee table." Thankfully, Dave has some really nice things in his is just going to be a process of figuring out what of my things can be squeezed in too. I won't be moving in until August 31st, but we thought we better start planning and thinking thru it now. So hopefully this blog will help us document this time and some other fun things along the way!

Oh and on a very important side note, the Kansas Jayhawks won last night - sending them into the Final Four! Dave and his entire family attended KU and they are HUGE Jayhawk fans. We have really enjoyed getting to watch them all year and look forward to Saturday night at 7:47 CT.