Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fort Worth Couples Shower

During the last weekend in June, Dave and I had our Fort Worth Couples Shower. It was at Cafe Aspen and an absolute blast! We had a great time introducing Dad and Karol and the Buchanans to all of our Fort Worth friends. We started off Friday night with a dinner over at Mom's. It was delicious and special because we were able to celebrate Van and Janie's anniversary and Janie's birthday!
Here is Kim, me and Marianne Janie, Mom and Aunt Carol
All the guys!

Lexie is our flower girl and she loves Dave and Norm! Here she is showing him around the house!
We laugh because Norm, Marianne and Lexie all look just alike. Its like Lexie knows it too - she loves hanging with Norm.
One treat to the evening was that Dad gave me his mother's watch to wear during the wedding. I have always loved it and was so excited when he gave it to me!
Saturday morning, we ran errands - one of which was picking out tuxedos for the guys. Grayson was so sweet to hang out with us through all of the details!

Then, the party started! We had so much fun!! A big thanks goes to all of the hostesses! The food, flowers and atmosphere were all wonderful.

Here is the Tarbox side of the family...
and the Drennan side...
Ashley and Grayson were both so sweet to come in town for the party. She got the cutest haircut that morning! I love it and so badly want the same one as soon as we get home from the honeymoon!
Way fun girls...
Dave and I waited to open our gifts until the next morning.

Cheers! Only 27 more days!

catching up, again...

Okay, so this will be the first of many posts due to all of the exciting things we and our friends and family have been up to lately!

After our girl's getaway at the end of May, the whole Drennan side of the family headed up to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for our cousin Jeff's wedding. Jeff is the son of Pam (Terry's sister) and Jim. Jeff is the youngest of their 4 sons. They have a very fun family!

The sweet couple! Jeff and Faith Whalen

We cracked up because us kids flew up Friday night after mom and Terry went on Thursday. Mom booked us an suv at the rental car place, but they were fresh out by the time we got there. So we got a church van instead. It was hilarious and great!
The wedding was beautiful! It took place in Pam's backyard . They have a lovely home and set up a tent for the reception dinner. We had fun sitting with Jeff's older brother Jim and his wife, Liz.


Terry and FaithDave and I
Mom with Jim and Liz' kids, Ty and Lily (ring bearer and flower girl).
The family
Terry and Mom with Jeff at the river house. Pam and Jim have a great little spot on the river. We loved getting to spend the downtime of the weekend there relaxing!
The family before we left on Sunday at the river house. Great weekend!! Congratulations Jeff and Faith!